A new approach toward secretarial tasks.

Now any employee can have their secretary. Each employee deserves his assistant, especially when working far from the company office

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Use Now From Your Device, Flexible App For your Business

Create unlimited number of templates form your PC and use them anytime from your device. Manage your own micro CRM System and business documentation from your device even if you are out of office. Have an instant access 24/7 to all your main documentation saved on your business platform.

Nowadays, the world evolves in time through Artificial Intelligence. This is an indispensable feature in business if you want to achieve your goals and be on the top.
Here comes Fastboss with an Innovative Voice Digital Assistant to automatize your business process and documentation from any business area.
Fastboss is empowered with Artificial Intelligence and can certainly replace some document-based tasks of a real employee. You may fill in by voice command over your smartphone any specific business document. The auto-fill and search function will ease the completing process of customer details in the document. Most Outside Representatives from any business area need to process documents and return to their office for this. With Fastboss App documents such as daily reports, invoices, commercial offers, contracts, agreements, and any text document, your outdoor team needs can be issued in seconds by the voice from your phone.

Business documentations need legal confirmation by at least one side or both sides. With the instant signature feature, the documents are signed and shared in a few seconds. Therefore you respect the contactless way to sign and send a contract or document to your customer due to the pandemic situation created by COVID-19. This is the safest way to manage your business remotely and issue docs on distance.

Fastboss, assures your safety and guarantees security through encrypted signature, and prevents any ways of switching contracts or some contract pages to achieve a malicious plan, none of the third parties can access your business data or know-how.
The advantage is that you can use it anywhere from your phone, and access your business documents anytime.
In business, not less importance has accuracy. Fastboss Digital Assitant assures a low error rate while generating your business adapted docs.
Therefore we want to inform you that the app is in continuous development, and all Early Adopters will benefit at the same price as started with us from all future upcoming implemented functions.

Area of implementation

Wholesale and Retail

Users experience the app in the wholesale  for outside sales representatives. This improved the sales volume and company profitability.

Real Estate Sales

The real estate sales process becomes more yeasy with Fastboss when the users have to conclude a transaction showing properties.

Agricultural company

Working in the field you can lose a important customer. Now you can issue contracts directly from the work field.

Construction Company

A construction employee often has to send reports  while being on the building site. This App allows this instantly handsfree and without going to the office.

Logistics & courier services

It’s known that in logistics all that matters is the speed, now you can be the first issuing docs  on the go with Fastboss App.


Every year, the Medicine area is over-requested.   Fastboss comes with a solution to improve and help to automate this area through Artificial Intelligence.

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