Are you going to fill routine documents by phone? The better way is to proceed it with your voice! Use Fastboss for complete routine documents by voice only.A digital business assistant will help you manage documents and save up to 97% of time consumed for paperworks. Any team member being outside the office may generate, sign and send it in seconds! No more tapping the screens or searching for details in your phone. Your dedicated business assistant will make it for you!

The Mobile Voice AssistantĀ  for documentsĀ Ā 

Fastboss voice assistant saves you up toĀ  97% time and money on document workflow for your mobile teams. Start your free trial.


A forever Digital Assistant

For the first time, you will see how we combined a Business Digital Assistant with a document generator tool.


Speak, Sign and Send Your Business Docs in seconds

Automated completion of your business docs. In some seconds, docs are ready to be signed and shared with your customer.


Document Storage and Management

Store and manage your docs with full access any time and anywhere. The advanced search will find in seconds any stored doc.

Speed up your sales team

Smart features to speed up the sales teams.
Companies with outside sales representatives need to support their sales process documentation and protocol with an office assistant: daily reports, sales offers, sales agreements, and any text document outdoor team needs. We created a digital assistant to fulfill this job for your sales team. Now, with the smartphone, they may do any document in seconds!

digital assistant
digital assistant fastboss

If your company has many employees outside the office…

They need to provide them with a fast and easy method of reporting and documenting what they do wherever they work. Set the objectives and give them tasks saving their and your time. We have created a platform that includes a mobile app in the form of a smart assistant that unites all the essential solutions of a business administrator. To help you make everything automated and your team more independent in running tasks

Secure your transactions

With the instant electronic signature, you sign any transaction on the device, contactless. All routes are encrypted so that, finally, you get a report on the signed document. Thus, excluding any litigation.Ā Ā 

Signing your docs with fastboss app

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

With the Fastboss platform, you will adapt business documents automation by yourself. Our web dashboard is easy to use as a drag and drop template builder for routine documents. Do your business documents once, and share them with the entire team.

Fastboss voice document business assistant

Efficiency monitoringĀ 

You’ll see how your team is doing and how many sales documents they’ve done today, or over time.

Department view dashboard of Fastboss

Employee efficiencyĀ 

An easy-to-understand employee daily performance.Ā 

Employee performance chart