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Generate Business Documents

Let your assistant complete every text document for you.

Just imagine how much time would waste an employee for a sales contract. Usually it takes a lot of time, but thanks to voice options, the Virtual Assistant will manage to do the contract in a few minutes. You can create a template and use it for all companies and by dictating to the Assistant all the changes it will adjust them according to the contract. The main advantage is that you can use the program anywhere and anytime either on a business meeting or while you are on vacation.


Stock your Docs

Access your documents at any time.

Our developers ensure you have access to your documents anytime and anywhere 24/7. We assure you there are no other android apps that will offer such options. FASTBOSS will save all your documents to the “Documents” folder and will help you find files that were created years ago in a few minutes. It ensures complete safety and security for your documents. This assistant will never disclose confidential information, it will keep all your secrets, plans, and ideas safe.


Manage your time and paper-works

Searching your business documents anytime you need them.

FASTBOSS Virtual Assistant will help you to manage your time, paper-work and keep customers database. All your important documents will be reachable in a few moments even if were created several years ago. Just give a voice command to your assistant and you will be able to see on your work screen the needed document for a certain customer. Enter the customer data either manually, or upload your database in few seconds (it is especially convenient for large corporations).


Enrolling help

 New employees are faster adapted to your business documents

Usually companies after hiring new employees spend lot of time and resources to engage them in the field of work. Our program will teach your new employee in a minute. Create some basic templates, documents that are being used by your company, and give the new employee full access. He will understand everything in a couple of hours. This teaching system is ideal for large companies, where the time is precious, and new specialists are hired regularly.


Your business know how

You can teach it and hand it over to a successor.

 In comparison with other programs (assistants), you can work with this reliable virtual assistant for years and then hand over all information on company management to your future administrator, for example son or daughter. Gaining access to FASTBOSS, they will get all the necessary information about your company’s activity in some minutes and will be able to have access to any document even if they did not created but it’s existent in the company’s database.


It is your new reliable friend

  An Assistant that will always be at hand  and available for work. 

FASTBOSS Virtual Assistant is an irreplaceable employee since is available anytime and anywhere. Using Fastboss assistant you will be able to make any urgent documents 24/7 and will never have sickness absences. We ensure you will have a comfortable communication with your virtual assistant. Select the voice you want to hear, and the appearance you like. The more you will communicate with your Virtual Assistant, the faster it will reply to your voice command.

What is FASTBOSS ?

FASTBOSS is a voice and artificial intelligence-powered assistant for your business! The most affordable voice and artificial intelligence-powered assistant for your business is FASTBOSS

FASTBOSS has some unique functions. There are no analogs! And we can prove it!

Our voice assistant will save you from any trouble related to business documentation, fundamental for your work. Marketing materials, business correspondence, financial and legal documents, business calendar, customer communication, and events– all of these will be managed by your virtual assistant FastBoss. It will complete documents as easy and fast than any other person. The main developers’ idea was to create an everlasting assistant that thrives your business!

Do your business template once on the desktop -use it forever on the phone…


Download the app, enter the information about your company (its areas of expertise, customers, and partners), and start working with your files. You can create any document based on templates existing in the app, you can create your documentation, you can upload to the dashboard (you can access the dashboard on your Personal Computer) any information: scheduling meetings with your customers and your partners, making plans, drafts, dialogues and arrangements, legal framework using FastBoss is easier than ever. Our best digital ai manager will organise the information and keep it organised.

You can create new files in just a few minutes. Can you imagine? You will do all of these just using your computer once for creating basic templates, for future you will need just your smartphone. Our artificial intelligence will completely replace a secretary. Give it any smart task, and it will do it. It will never get tired, it will never get sick. It will never be in a bad mood.

Starting easy, going fast.

Try for free 7 days, no credit card required !


Artificial Intelligence is our future! We made it more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses! Be one of the early users who will use it!

Be the first one to try the only business assistant Fastboss AI.

Voice and artificial intelligence FASTBOSS will be your reliable assistant forever!

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Saved In The First Month


Assistant Availability


Our team is a synergy of specialists in the field of Business and IT. The founding members have more than 15 years of experience in the field of outdoor salest, business administration, outdoor team management- as well as in Artificial Intelligence. Combining these experiences, we created perhaps not the most fun, but a really useful assistant for your business.

Although the idea of ​​Fastboss was designed for outdoor sales, this assistant can help you with any activity where you need to generate specific documents for your activity using your phone. So it can be useful for any field of activity not only for business.

Our ambition is to develop Fastboss to solve the most frequent and useful tasks of a real office assistant.

What can we offer you tomorrow?

  We are constantly working on this program and adding new options to it. Our team is enhancing the app every day. Now we are working on the following options:

Search by keywords in your docs.

At the moment, you can save and find any file in the “Documents” folder. Shortly, the electronic secretary will be able to find in a second any file using search by keywords. It is extremely convenient when you have a list of one thousand documents and more, each of them containing 400 – 500 pages!

Customer analysis.

As we have already mentioned, the assistant creates a customer database. Soon it will start analyzing it and giving useful recommendations to its owner like: “is there any link between the customers?”, “how can you increase the sales?”, “are there nearby customers?”, and so on.

Competitor analysis.

Any business should get started with competitor analysis. For example, you decided to open a new office for your company, based in the city center. Enter your geo-data to the app, and it will say if you should do it or not. It will tell you the weather, about other companies and how large and developed they are. In case it finds any companies that are potential competitors, it will tell you.

A cross-Platform for any business

We offer you an electronic pocket intelligent assistant, which will increase your sales in a short time, keep you calm and focused, save you from any aches associated with documentation, and suspicions regarding staff loyalty!



Minodora Rucan

Minodora Rucan

Founder, CEO with 14 years of experience in informational technologies and sales management

Vladimir Stajilov

Vladimir Stajilov

CTO, Data Scientist, Machine Learning & Business Intelligence 12 years top specialist.

Daniel Cincilei

Daniel Cincilei

Chief Strategy Officer, Performance Marketing and financial specialist.More thab 9 years

Capcelea Cristian

Capcelea Cristian

Mobile and React Native Developer

Radu Iosipoi

Radu Iosipoi

Back-end Engineer

Verkhoturov Roman

Verkhoturov Roman

Software Engineer

Batir Ion

Batir Ion

React Developer

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