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Document generator

Make the basic templates from PC once in your profile and then use always from phone to generate the necessary documents. 

Voice App

Use your voice to fill the lines in the document, either report or sales contract. Confirm if correct and start generating your deal.

Hands-free app

Fill all contracts only with your voice, or search any important contract in your database by giving a voice command to your digital assistant.


You can organize your schedule and business activity as you would do with a real secretary. Digital virtual assistant available 24/7.

Create templates

Create unlimited number of different basic templates and generate unlimited number of contracts or reports that will allow you to save time.

Flexible app

You can use it anytime and anywhere. Make the main changes from your PC and have instant access from your phone.

Micro CRM System

Make your own micro CRM database system for your business and have an instant access to all your important docs 24/7.

Instant signature

Sing your deal instantly and don’t lose any customer or important deal. Impress your business partners with a high level provision services.

What is Fastboss?

 Fastboss is an AI Virtual Digital Assistant that allows completing business documents by using voice command. 

 You can talk with your Assistant and manage all the information about your business using the CRM. The main function of the assistant is to complete and create documents for your company using the already preset templates, therefore the documents will look like the business documents you are used to be done by your real office assistant.

 The assistant has learning abilities. Based on the information stored in the cloud, the assistant will learn about you and your company and will make the generation of daily documents easier and more comfortable. The app is user friendly and can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. Everything the user has to do is to use it more every day. The templates for the documents are stored in the cloud to be accessed from anywhere and anytime. 

Fastboss guarantees to be fast and make the user’s tasks easier 

Because the assistant is virtual, it can’t execute tasks that require physical contact, but it can execute the tasks that require typing and completing documents.

How Does FASTBOSS Help Up In Sales?

FASTBOSS completes tasks and helps you save time and money.

 Most business cases show us a high level of stress that every small business owner is facing. While being on alert, it can get difficult to concentrate on the main tasks and get new leads. In the best scenario, there is going to be an exchange of emails and phone contacts. A study done by Brian Jeffrey says that 80% of the total leads are a failure, 48 % after the first meeting, 25% after being contacted by 2 or more times, 12% will contact more than 3 times then become lost. This kind of event determines the boss to search for more leads later to get from the conversion of 15% a higher number of contacts. This would cause more stress and take more time.

Market researches are done using direct interviews. This is the contact made with every potential customer. When speaking about personal contact means attribution of different instruments that a seller or a boss has when interacting with a new customer, aspects like personal flair visual contact, clients non-verbal behavior analysis. 

Multiple agents are so fixed on these aspects that they can’t manage to execute the most important tasks.

Many sellers testified they had lost a big amount of sales because they forgot about their customers, or they forgot to send a commercial offer when the customer was ready to pay.

Direct quality sales have to be done by following some important steps:


  • Establishing the contract
  • Evaluation of the potential customers
  • Getting customers attention
  • Gaining customers trust
  • Specifying the buy request
  • Adaptation of the commercial offer
  • Sending the offer
  • Follow up chats about the offer and modifying the offer.
  • Follow up about paying terms and conditions
  • Finish the contract
  • Invoice request
  • Getting the payment
  • Follow up after sending the goods
  • Follow up for more sales or post-sale services
  • Keeping in touch with the customer to maintain the connections for future sales and a higher amount of customers.
All these steps will get shorter as time periods from 15 to 5 while, from 1 to 10 first contacts will be made, and the next meet-up with the customer will be the contract signing.

In this way, every seller will make multiple contacts at any meeting, congress, or forum. Using FASTBOSS©, the seller will be focused mainly on the visual contact and getting the customer’s attention to know its needs and to know him better. This way will gain customer’s trust. The contracts will be done by FASTBOSS©: commercial offersinvoicecontract.


Dashboard and task calendar

All the features are on the dashboard. Documents, templates, advanced voice search, task management, document management. Anytime you need to view the document status: is it signed? viewed? or even opened? Check their status on the main dashboard. Need to find a specific document? Just use your voice and tell your assistant what you are looking for… For example: “Please find the documents with my customer Alison, where she bought a red car “.

Easy made templates

After you logged in desktop version and build some templates, it’s very easy to use them instantly on your phone. If you are a newbie in your company, just ask some teammates to share a template premade and adapted to the company you work for. Your company store all the templates and documents in the Fastboss system cloud. You may share your templates and documents anytime using your phone. 


Fill in templates by Voice only

When you pick a template to fill in, your digital assistant, will come instantly to assist you and will ask, only what he/she doesn’t know. As: the Customer you are competing for or product you need to sell right now. The remaining variables will be autocompleted with the information you or your company included in the CRM and customer list. In this way, a long text with more than 20 fields to be completed will be ready in few seconds!

Pick signatures

After the document is completed by your assistant, and if you need to sign the document, your Assistant will open the signature taking frame, and ask you to sign. If your customer also needs to sign the doc, your assistant will ask to share the link with your customer. Your customer will receive a link that includes the document preview and signature taking frame. If your customer agrees to the document, may sign it. Anyway, your customer has 5 days to analyze the document details before putting the signature on it.

Fast and ready document to share

 Finally, when all the parties have signed, the document is ready to be saved and shared with both. The signed documents include the signature report archived and connected to them. The report will reflect all the signing process details.  All the documents are available to be viewed in PDF format from your phone. In this way, you have all your business information in your hands. And if you need to find some details in your documents just say it to your assistant!

Use it for free until 15 documents will be issued.

 No Credit Card required for registration.

Activate anytime, after the free trial is done.

It is better to start in the Desktop version.

Use this button to receive a text message with the link to the mobile version of Fastboss, available on your store. 

The mobile app  Fastboss is published on the AppStore and Google Play Market.

Who is FASTBOSS for?

As FASTBOSS© is focused on sales, it is for everyone that needs to make individual documents for individual customers.

Usually, the boss will call the assistant or send an email to make a document, while he is face to face with the customer. FASTBOSS© is useful for:

Small businesses/ People with startups/ On-field sales agent/ Export agents/ Big export companies/ Business consultants/ Retail companies/ Business analysts/ Construction site managers/ Agricultural companies managers/ Explorers and researchers in different domains/ Emergency operators and technicians/ Lawyers/ Assistants/ Any other job that requires reports and any other documents.


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