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The wholesale and Retail business area has a highly competitive sector, therefore undergoing major transformation because of digital economy expansion.

 This business area is under several forms of innovations, such as new business models and processes. Therefore in this business it is inevitable to be a step ahead and implement Artificial Intelligence tactics to be superior to competitors.

 The main point in this sector is to anticipate customer preferences and needs. Competitive pressure has a major impact and forces us to implement new business models and develop new skills.

 The need for promotions and offers are overtaking you due to lack of time?

 Here is a change to automatize and implement a real Innovation in your business to be on time with all upcoming offers and promotions. To please your customer’s needs and capture their attention on your product. The Fastboss Innovative App will be your solution. With the Digital Virtual Assistant, you can give a voice command and send any offer or presentation to your customers without delays, in just a few seconds. You can be at the warehouse far from the office and share the offer with a potential customer in a few seconds.


You need something to store all your information, but at the same time, you need space?

This is your solution! Fastboss App with the Micro CRM feature will store all your customers’ databases in your cloud without filling your device storage. This is convenient, durable, and money-saving. Due to enhanced performance and Artificial intelligence, you can find by voice command any info you stored, any contract from any day.

The Digital Virtual Assistant will be a reliable helper. With the lowest error rate possible and efficient. You will have any business document issued in seconds by voice, even being far from the office, directly from your phone.

You don’t need to carry a laptop with you or the full pack of documents being sure you have all on hand. Fastboss App gives you flexibility, as you have all you need on your phone. This means speed, commodity, and errorless business documentation.

How does this work? This is not a simple CRM but automated with all your business info documentation stored secure and safe and with an auto fill function. Easy to access and always on hand.

A replacement for a real secretary, that will always be available to do all the paperwork for you, to manage your activity, and find any important info from your stored business docs. Not entertaining Virtual Assistant but a real help in your business.

Wholesale distributors

You can create an unlimited number of templates adapted to your products. This will give you the possibility to create any document type you need. You can create and adjust all templates under your business area and products.

The instant signature will help you close the deals instantly and impress your customers with efficiency and competency.

 All these can be managed from your phone at voice command through the Fastboss App.



How can I sign distantly or contactless documents?

Here is a situation, you have an urgent order from a buyer, but don’t forget that there are a lot of competitors, you must be fast! The speed and efficiency here have a big value. You need to sell a huge amount of different products from different categories, and at the same time, you are not in the office. How can you manage this? The buyer is waiting for the order and offer. So, you need to go to the office, get an offer, and find the necessary fields to fill in with all relevant data regarding the products. This will take a lot of time. Your assistant is sick, or you don’t have one right now. Even if she is there, you still have to travel to the office, which means time again. The customer is still waiting, and he is an urgent one! What do you do? This is easy! Your solution is Fastboss Digital Assistant that will auto fill your customer details in the preset template from your profile and will ask you to complete by voice only the fields she needs to update for the current customer. Therefore you will manage to issue a business offer in some seconds without the need to go to the office. Once you issue the offer, you share and sign it directly from your phone. You may ask yourself if this is possible. Yes, this is possible with the Fastboss App. In just a few moments, you will have the offer signed and sent. 

 This is a way to get more confidence from your customers. You will show maximal efficiency and accuracy by saving his time and yours. Recognizing the customer’s needs is a must. And saving your customer time is much appreciated nowadays.

Overcome your competitors and always be the first. Use Artificial Intelligence to automate your business documentation process and ease your life! Get more free time and less stress. Just use the Fastboss Digital Virtual Assistant App and be on the top! 

How can an App help automation in the Wholesale Distribution?

The daily tasks such as reports, checklists, completing contract vendors, and purchase orders can be over requested or even forgotten sometimes.

Fastboss App can manage all these important tasks, recurring documents, and contracts.

artificial inteligence

With the help of Artificial Intelligence implemented in this software, the process become automated thanks to the instant signature, voice document generation directly from the phone, and the calendar synchronization with the App will let you feel like you always have with you a real Assistant that can handle all your daily routine tasks at your voice command.


your documents in one device

The information stored in your cloud will give you the possibility to find through the intelligent search any information you need, from any document, and any date. At your voice command in a second, the assistant will show on your phones display the requested info or document.


happy seller

With the Fastboss App at voice command, a sales distributor can issue an urgent document in seconds, sign it, and share it with the customers and other colleagues at necessity. Thanks to the Fastboss micro –CRM feature and intelligent search feature, the sale people can find in seconds all information about the customers from any day and anytime in seconds and have more time to focus on the sales process and give him the relevant financial results.


Fastboss Digital Virtual Assistant App will help you automate your daily operations, operations with customers, and colleagues. It will be your help number one thanks to its micro-CRM feature to store all info you need in the cloud. So all your customers, colleagues, partners info, and issued documents you can store in your own micro-CRM system directly on your phone.

all sales under control

A full micro CRM system in just one phone with full access to your information 24/24.

In wholesale, all daily tasks and work start with emergencies that can’t be postponed. Because the paperwork and collection of signatures from several specialists can lead to a waste transaction or customer relation aggravation.

With the Fastboss App, sales people can save their time, work safer, and save more money. There is no time to wait! The Fastboss App must be in this industry, and you can download it for free Now!  With life, evolution is unavoidable to use Artificial Intelligence in Wholesales distribution and  retail area as the high volume of documentation and information leads to a lack of time.

 Fastboss offers flexibility, efficiency, and speed to the sales team. They can have the App on their phone and reliable, always available assistant on hand.

Try this amaising tool in your language starting July 2021

Dear Guests! Our Fastboss MVP (minimum valuable product) is available on both main stores AppStore and Google Play market. You may try it as it is.

Starting with July 2021 will be available the Corporate version, including all described on this site. The next release version will be available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, and Romanian languages.

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