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Business automation is unavoidable nowadays as science progresses a lot. 

Add AI to your Business and deliver faster ! 

Logistic & courier service is in good demand nowadays and is expected to grow for the future. It involves mostly the delivery of packages, goods, and important documents. The most important here are the quality, speed, and efficiency of delivery.


This business is mostly done on the roads, and the workers travel a lot during their working shifts. This industry has a lot of movement and travel that can last even months. Therefore the documentation process takes time and needs maximal attention and proficiency. The world evolved yearly, and our innovative App is a great help and solution for this business sector.

Driving to deliver goods, parcels and many other orders involves driving long distances, even to other countries. The paper bureaucracy is killing time and speed for these workers, which is decisive for this business.
Fastboss App Digital Virtual Business Assistant comes to automate your business and ease the daily paperwork and routine tasks so you can drive safely and have no other cares.

By voice, you can make all necessary daily reports, and issue business documents even being on the go in your truck or courier car. If there is an urgent document that needs to be signed and you are already on the road, is not a problem! You can issue the document by voice, sign instantly, and share in a few seconds.

Signing your docs with fastboss app

Instant Signature

 Any document you will create may be signed instantly right on your phone display.

advanced search

Advanced Elastic Search

  Your Assistant will search by voice an text inside your business documents


Same Templates for Entire Team

You can teach it and hand it over to all your future business needs  

How do I sign my documents at a distance? You may ask yourself.

 We have a real solution for you, the Fastboss App, with Artificial Intelligence and a Digital Assistant feature. You can sign all your important business documents in just a few seconds and share them instantly with your team or customers. 

The instant signature feature will ease your daily activity and allow you to drive safely without being stressed about the documents, as delivery quality and speed is mandatory for this business area.

 How can I issue documents fast and at a distance? Also, a good question for any logistic or courier worker.

 With the help of the Fastboss App, this is easy. You have your unlimited business type preset templates once done on your PC, and you can use them always from your phone. While you are engaged to deliver an order, you can issue the documents on the go by voice in a few seconds. 

Certainly, you have many types of business documents stored in your device, but thanks to the intelligent search function, you just give a voice command, and the Digital Assistant shows you the right document to fill in. Your Assistant will ask you to fill in by voice only the fields that he doesn’t know, but thanks to the autofill function and the already registered customers in your database, the Digital Assistant will autofill your customer’s details instantly.

This is a real automatization, and you will have guaranteed errorless issued documents that must be shared with your customers or superiors.

 How to handle a high amount of daily reports and a high number of customers in your business?

  Thanks to the micro CRM system feature from Fatsboss App, you can save all your customer details in your database. The phone memory will not be full since the info is stored safely in your cloud, and you can have access to your business info anytime and anywhere.

This is a unique possibility to have your own reliable Assistant always on hand with you who can manage most of your daily routine tasks. The paperwork process will not be a pain for you anymore with such help as Fastboss.
For example, you have a long-distance drive and at the same time need to hold daily records and reports. Since there are many parcels, goods to deliver, you are full of contracts and business docs to fill in and sign. This can lead to errors and less efficiency in your work. Therefore, you will feel the need for an assistant, to help you with this and to find on time a certain document or present a certain report on.  But with the high volume of documents and papers, this is difficult to manage. But we assure you this is possible and only with your phone. Imagine you are far away, driving, and by voice, you generate the document for the upcoming customer and even can issue instantly a new offer for him. 
You arrive at the customer, unload the goods, issue the document instantly by voice, sign both of you directly on the phone display, and share in a few seconds. You released your customer from paper bureaucracy and yourself too. Ready to go to the next customer and offer high-quality delivery.

A contactless way of providing the best service ever and more satisfied customers with your business approach.

 Don’t stay aside and start using smart ways to ease your business and be more efficient.

Implement Artificial Intelligence in your business, and you will be first.
Download now Fastboss and start generating docs on the go! Have your business Digital Assistant always with you on hand!