The main features of FASTBOSS

  1. Speech recognition  and listen to your voice to complete preset documents on your smartphone 
    Planning your events with the clients and synchronize to your smartphone calendar
    Autofill all the required fields about your company, client company, products, and services
  2. Collect and save our business data
  3. Collect and save all your issued documents
  4. Search in your documents in advanced mode using AI features
  5. Allow you to sign the documents as well as your client may sign too
  6. Register instantly new customers and products on the go with your phone
  7. Offer easy to use template editor as drag-and-drop
  8. Autofill a multiple product offer with price and description
  9. Every product/service may attach a catalog or any pdf file with specifications
  10. Easy import the entire customers or products lists
How much do the FASTBOSS cost?

FASTBOSS SaaS is available in 2 cost category:

1. 19$ (when payed monthly)
2. 190$ (when payed yearly)

Free trial: Available.

Who are the typical users of FASTBOSS?

FASTBOSS has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Sales Agents, Middle level managers, Office Assistants, Couriers, Engineers, Emergency service employees, etc.

Which mobile platform and operating system does FASTBOSS support?

FASTBOSS supports the all operation system: Web App. Is available on Android and soon will be available for IOS.

What payment method does FASTBOSS support?

FASTBOSS support the following payment methods: Monthly, Yearly charges in base of credit cards.

What is the deployment type?

FASTBOSS has deployment type: Cloud Based.

In this Tutorial Book you will find:

How to open account?

You will get inside of the dashboard, now you can insert your personal profile, company profile, and business profile details.

How to import new Customer, Product,Competitors or Service ?


If you want to add a new product, you can find these 3 buttons in the lower right corner, for product, customer, service, partner data

How to make templates?

Of curse, before making the first template, that it is necessary to fill in the company profile, personal profile, to insert some products and some customers.

How to complete Business account and target markets ?

In the dashboard, you will find a business account. This is for setting your target markets.