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Digital Assistant to Generate Business Docs by Voice.

A top-grade innovative app solution, designed to simplify your business paperwork. The Digital Virtual Assistant will successfully replace a human secretary. Generate your business docs instantly with your voice, and don’t fail any deal. Your micro CRM system and your business documents always on hand.

Генератор документов

Software that automatically generates various business preset documents. Documents adapted to your company needs and certifications.

 You can generate the personalized templates in Pdf. or Word format and store them in the cloud from your device.

Голосовое приложение

Use the App with a voice command to search information, fill, or issue a document. Just talk to your digital assistant, preview, and start generating your business document. Edit the information with your voice.

Голосовой поиск по документам

Hands-free App useful for navigation, searching important docs or editing texts without touching the phone. 

 Stay in touch with your business hands-free and gain speed while managing your business.


Organize your schedule and business activity by synchronizing the App with your phone calendar.

 Organize and delegate the daily tasks to your team and monitor the daily activities from all company departments.

Создавайте шаблоны

Fastboss Document creation tool offers you the possibility to have company preset templates. Create templates from your dashboard and share them with your team to work according to your company standards and certifications. You can create an unlimited number of complex templates, like – contracts, offers, invoices, daily reports, etc.


Гибкое приложение

This flexible App has helpful toolsets that suit any business, with the possibility to issue and share business docs on the go. You can organize and manage your business from anywhere. It offers the ability to react quickly to unexpected changes by accessing your business data safe and secure from your phone. A tool well adapted for the mobile teams.

Система Micro CRM

Micro CRM System for your company. Each employee will have their digital secretary, and all their actions will be stored in your company CRM. Ability to manage your business 24/7, better organize and access customer data at any moment. Due to the stored data from your CRM, all company documents will be auto-filled with the correct information.

Мгновенная подпись

This Intelligent Software is easy to use, sign remote, and instantly all your business documents. Prepare them for signatures, and send them to the recipients in just some seconds. A speedy app that helps you issue a company preset template with auto-fill function and automated calculations with total sum and discounts you want to offer to the customer being ready to be signed and shared.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Pay as you go, or pay as you use.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Corporative Accounts Plan

Try this amazing tool in your language starting July 2021

Dear guests! Our Fastboss MVP (minimum valuable product) release is available on both main application stores: AppStore and Google Play market. You may try it as it is.

Starting with July 2021 will be available next version, including all features for Corporate Accounts described on this site.

The next release version will be available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, and Romanian languages.  If you want to test our beta version, please fill up the form above, and we will get in touch to give you direct access to the beta version. Thank you!

Fastboss developer team.


Add here some details about your company, and we will adapt the prices accordingly. See here our prices, and here Fastboss features.

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