Digital Assistant to Generate Business Docs by Voice.

A top-grade innovative app solution, designed to simplify your business paperwork. The Digital Virtual Assistant will successfully replace a human secretary. Generate your business docs instantly with your voice, and don’t fail any deal. Your micro CRM system and your business documents always on hand.

Flexible Prices

Pay as you Use

We accept Visa and Master card personal or corporate cards. For wire bank transfers based on invoice, please use the payment method link on checkout or request an adapted to your needs invoice.

 The currency will convert accordingly to the daily exchange reference.

For customer service, use one or more form below contact instruments:

1) contact form

2) this website chat

3) internal assitant chat, click on “I need technical support” in the chat wizard.

Need support to adapt your payment methods or price?

Contact us.

Our policy does not provide refunds due to the specific customer requirements set on the company premise. Every subscription cancelation or update is the admin role priority. Users invited in the company profile, cannot cancel the account or subscription. Any charge in the base of created subscription is adapted to the per-seat model combined with a flat price of 19$/monthly for 2 administrators. If any administrator will request an account suspension we will save the formed documents and information securely for a 180 days period, and the account owner may recover these data anytime between this period.

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