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General Questions

*Talk and listening assisting on your smartphone when you need business document generation
*Planning your events and synchronize to your smartphone calendar
*Generate marketing texts in base of the existing information about your business in the *FASTBOSS platform.
*Client information management
*Partners information management
*Competition information management
* CRM features
*Artificial intelligence Virtual Assistant personalized with preferred name, voice and avatar
* Product catalog attachments

How much do the FASTBOSS cost?

FASTBOSS SaaS is available in 2 cost categories:

1. 19$ (when paid monthly)
2. 190$ (when paid yearly)

For enterprise use:

1. 19$/monthly for every admin access to the platform

2. 10$/monthly for every manager access to the platform

3. 5$/monthly for every regular access to the platform

Free trial: Available.

See more prices here:

Who are the typical users of FASTBOSS?

FASTBOSS has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Sales Agents, Middle-level managers, Office Assistants, Couriers, Engineers, Emergency service employees, Healthcare, Public Sector etc.

Which mobile platform and operating system does FASTBOSS support?

FASTBOSS supports the all operation system: Web App. Is available on Android and for IOS.

What payment method does FASTBOSS support?

FASTBOSS supports the following payment methods: Monthly, Yearly charges on the basis of credit cards.

Wire bank transfer in the base of invoiceing.

What is the deployment type?

FASTBOSS has deployment type: Cloud Based.

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