The Reliable Digital Assistant that generates B2B docs.

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FASTBOSS Virtual Assistant app

Imagine that you are at an important training, session or meeting and you don’t have the laptop, but only the phone with you. In that case, don’t worry, because you can easily can do what you have to, by using the app quick from you phone. The Fastboss Digital personal assistant will help you to do all the work properly and easy.

With our app you can manage your business through an intelligent manner with maximal efficiency and low error rate. Don’t lose any customer because of paper bureaucracy, time limits and possibilities. Use Fastboss Virtual Assistant app to generate your business documents, contracts in 2 minutes being ready to sign. Impress your business partners and customers by saving their time, money and keeping them close aboard to end the big deal in the same moment.

Plan Your Perfect Time Whith Fastboss

All your business activity and documentation in a single app and a unique software system that has no analogs.

Try your free 7 days trial for free and convince yourself that worth’s to have your own Virtual Assistant to help you with your business.

Do you have a high volume of paperwork? Need to generate lots of business documents while being outdoor?

Digital Virtual Assistant app is your rescue and solution!

The Reliable Digital Assistant that generates B2B docs